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Offer- pheNEOv1 Website Theme
A website theme that presents you to the world - pheNEOv1
The pheNEOv1 theme is a super hero for music artists and record labels in South Africa. If you were looking to organize your artist media such as song downloads, YouTube videos, event tickets, bookings and more, you have come to the right place. The new pheNEOv1 Website Theme is the design just for you.

Just take a moment and imagine! Imagine if you could have your own website. What would you upload on it? What would you share? Imagine if you could see how many visits and downloads your website gets every day.

How would you benefit from such a website? Well first, you would look like the 1% of artists who are promising and who are getting paid for their well-presented work. Second, you could sell anything you want from, T-shirts, caps, to event tickets to your fans or others and make money as you go. Third, you would be so organized that big organizations such as Radio Institutions and Publishing Companies will be impressed by your presentation.

Yes, all this can be possible if you have the pheNEOv1 Website Theme.
Respect your brand and others will most definitely respect it. Get yourself the pheNEOv1 Website Theme.

Front Page - Place your Brand Name at he top for a proffession first landing impression. The font used can vary acording to prefrence. Colors of the font are also of your own choice.

Image Slider - the front page image slider is ideal for new graphics you want your visitors to see first. You can use this area to place your most recent event posters or music art covers of your hit tracks.

Page Links - Page links are followed by your "Name Logo". They are "Home" "Songs" "Videos" "News" "Bookings" and can vary based on your prefrence. We use anchors to automatically scroll the page to the desired section when the page link is triggerd by clicks. A mobile manu bar takes over when your website is viewd on mobile phones for easy user access. 
Respect your brand and others will most definitely respect it. Get yourself the pheNEOv1 Website Theme.

About - On the about section, you can write an introduction or a short bio to allow the visitor to know who they are dealing with. This space is not strict to text only. You can place any common widget of your choice such as your "facebook" posts or instagram feeds.

Music - The music area can be used to allow visitors to download your music directly from your website. You can put a visitor’s page counter to see how many times you songs were possibly downloaded. You can choose to sell your music instead, and have a payment method intergraded on your website. We will help you set it up. SA uses online payment methods such as PayFast or PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Videos - The video area can be used to place your videos directly from your website or from YouTube. You can put a visitor’s page counter to see how many times your videos were possibly viewed. If you choose to, you can make your videos easy to download in MP4 format.

Your fans and followers will never have to miss anything. With the news section on your website you can have all your recent news and gossip organized in one section.

This is a blog area. All news articles can have social media sharing icons so that any reader can easily share your story with their friends.

You will never miss an Event or Gig because with the you will have a smart Booking form which uses Mait:to scripts placed on your website. You can direct all your bookings to an email of your choice so that all mails go to the same email address.

Booking you will be much easier!
Offer- pheNEOv1 Website Theme
Enjoy Fame and Success of an artist. Get The pheNEOv1 theme (New)
We have made it easy!

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